Nerve pain

Haven’t blogged for a while. Sorry to my one or maybe two viewers 😉


Ever experienced it? Some backstory; I’ve had shingles twice. Same place both times; top left of my face. Shingles, weirdly, is just one one of your bodies sides for some reason. Anyways, they got treated both times. So didn’t really think about it when I got home after some weeks, but I started getting some pain exactly where I had shingles. I didn’t think about, since I’ve had various random pain throughout my life.

The pain itself. I had never, once in my life, ever, been forced to my knees, screaming out loud from any pain until I had this nerve pain. Wow. It faded away, but wow. One of the times I’ve scared my mother like that.

Imagine a heated up knife, stabbing you in the face, twisting the knife. Have that for 5 seconds (couple of minutes in my mind), then carving upward on my head, twisting again and do that a couple of times more. I’ve experienced lots of different kinds of pain, but this takes the cake. And I had NO idea this could happen! It was treated, right? :p

Anyways, it was handled with Lyrica, some nerve pain medicine. Now I have no pain, but a VERY annoying itch inside my eyebrown that can’t really totally be quelched. Very annoying, but better than the alternative.


I’ll try and blog more often, sorry!




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